About us

Making math audible, visible or tangible in a number of big.LITTLE ways, we’re engineers, entrepreneurs, creatives who love to think up & fire up algorithms for FPGA~CPU~GPU, with Embedded~Numerics~IoT in mind. 

“We know how to build things from scratch, as well as on top of other things. And, we know there is much we don't know about... Learning is fun 🙂 ”

Chili.CHIPS*ba uses the Internet era communications, remote access, and can get the job done working from y/our premises, on a world-wide e.business day. We offer Chip.xPRESSO(SM) premium service for your rush hour. We offer Chip.itALL(SM) turnkey service. We strive for simple excellence in everything we do and build our business on the fully satisfied, returning customers and referrals.

Specialties: FPGA, Digital, RTL in SystemVerilog, HLS, Opensource, SOC, Embedded, Algorithms, DSP,  Image and Sound Processing, ML.


Not a holy bunch of lone stars, we are a tightly-knit ensemble of solid, down-to-earth normal people. Together, we make things happen. Youthful, yet with years of combined hands-on experience. We are BSCS/EE+ who have published scientific papers. While we absolutely enjoy to build, engineer and innovate, we are entrepreneurs at heart — Initiative, passionate, relentless.


What matters the most is that you feel good about having us onboard. That you know you can count on us. And, we know it takes time to build trust. To develop rapport and confidence. Yes, our specialties are math, chips and algorithms. Yet, our business is an integral of healthy relationships without limits. A continuous function of infinitesimal steps that bring us closer together.


There is work. And there is your best work. The kind of work you don’t compromise on. You cannot stop thinking about. You don’t have a margin for error. We strive to deliver such work. To engineer cool experiences. To awe, pamper, have you come back and spread the word.

“In theory, the practice and theory are the same. In practice, they are far from it”
Benjamin Brewster
“People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.”​
Alan Kay
“It’s the HW that makes a machine fast. It’s the SW that makes a fast machine slow“
Craig Bruce

FM Radio on FPGA SDR

Opensource is creating new opportunities, such as in education. The pioneering work of Tarik Hamedović and Ahmed Imamović brings HLS to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering University of Sarajevo...

Enjoying your FPGA with a sip of ram?

Harun Kovacevic has ported a subset of memtest86 to GW2AR-18's 64Mbit SDRAM, for an educational #soc...