Be it for our IsaMarš Sound Calculator, or your products that need extra hands + brains for Verilog, Bare metal coding, HLS, Python, C/C++, GNU Radio, MATLAB, Simulink.
* Ping us to hash out how to build things together *

A truly open-source Camera Serial Interface with superb Signal Integrity. It’s for Sony and affordable Series7 FPGA, eyeing secure, HiRez video. All while improving openXC7, challenging its timing-savvy, and introducing lesser-known EU boards to open makers.

This is the very first, independent and unbiased attempt to use openXC7 tool flow for a real-life FPGA design. All its earlier uses and example projects were created by the insiders, who knew ahead of time about what pitfalls to avoid. And yes, we have uncovered issues along the way, duly reported them, and kept marching along, at times even resorting to hacks to make it work.

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